Howdy. My name’s Kyle Wayne Benson.

Current resident of Orem, UT. Formerly called, “great at drawing”, by a CEO. I do work for money, and would love to take your money in exchange for lettering, branding, or type design.

Most people know me because of my fonts, but some people know me at the bowling alley, and a guy at taco bell vaguely recognizes me.

“I like to use Kyle’s font ‘Farmer’s Co-Op’ for posters in the classroom.” — My Mom

Some people talking about me

Some other projects of mine

The Passionately Project

From April 2013 to January 2014 we had the pleasure of interviewing 10 artists in 8 states about their passion and what makes them feel satisfied.


From 2009-2011 Cupmunicate did art with red solo cups. In our short run we got interviewed on the radio, had a feature in a newspaper with a readership of about a thousand people, and the Union Pacific stole two-thousand cups from us.

Mr. Benson’s Class

I started this one in 2012. It’s where I compile all the thoughts and resources I have on design. Always a work in progress.